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The Nightmare Affair by Mindee Arnett

The Nightmare Affair - Mindee Arnett

Another debut, but luckily it worked out a lot better than some of the debuts I’ve read recently.


Dusty seems to be a pretty typical protagonist – she hates her red, out-of-control red hair (she automatically changes it into straight, blond hair whenever she’s in a dream world, which is frustrating and needs to be addressed in a future problems-with-hair-stereotypes discussion post), is quite snarky, hates (unfair) authority figures, and is hated by the resident pretty, popular, and mean girl (who actually doesn’t have blond hair, if I remember correctly, which made me much too glad). She’s attending a magical boarding school, is the school outcast because she has a very unique power, and gets involved in a mysterious murder mystery.


This book was a bit predictable at times. I figured out some things pretty early on, but was pleasantly surprised to find that there were more twists that I missed by the end. The book also went pretty quickly and I wanted to keep reading so that I could figure out what was going on.


It seems like I was a bit negative toward this book, but I really did enjoy it. It wasn’t an amazing debut, more like a typical paranormal book, but that’s not such a bad thing. I had fun reading it and plan on checking out the second book and hope that it’ll get even better.