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I love reading books, especially Young Adult books of all kinds. I have a book reviewing blog (The Reading Shelf) that I try to update whenever I'm not reading or procrastinating on the internet.

Charmed Thirds (Jessica Darling Novels)

Charmed Thirds - Megan McCafferty I know a lot of people love Jessica Darling, but it's just not the series for me. After Jessica talks about Former Miss America Vanessa Williams and calls her photo scandal "creepy lesbo photos" (twice!) and mocks the runner-up from New Jersey who apparently "really let herself go" and "chunked up and looked not at all like a Miss America should," I decided that I was done and shouldn't force myself to read these books. I feel awful complaining about a series that so many people love, so I'm going to leave the Jessica Darling love to the people who appreciate her.