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I love reading books, especially Young Adult books of all kinds. I have a book reviewing blog (The Reading Shelf) that I try to update whenever I'm not reading or procrastinating on the internet.

A Shimmer of Angels (The Angel Sight Series)

A Shimmer of Angels  - Lisa M. Basso DNF - I only read 10% or so, but the story still wasn't interesting me and I could tell that the protagonist would probably get on my nerves. Why? This is why:- she refers to two small, probably never to be referenced again characters as "Cleavage Waitress" and "Miniskirt." The girls do have identities outside of the various things your best friend is ogling them for, you know. Sure, it's a small thing, but it just bugged me.- I had a feeling that the popular, probably blond (can't remember for sure) volleyball player would only be demonized throughout the book. Sure, I could have been proven wrong and I would have been very happy, but it also seemed likely that protagonist Rayna would continue to observe her negatively and make judgements that would tick me off. Also, I couldn't tell if the fact that she's a volleyball player is a good sign that popular girls don't just have to be cheerleaders, or if the author thinks volleyball is only a bit better than cheerleading and just wants something a little different, in which case I am very offended that my favorite sport is being used that way and I am automatically on the volleyball player's side.- the "hottest guy in school," who is also apparently dating the volleyball player, randomly comes up to Rayna at lunch and asks her to a dance or something and asks when she's going to finally kiss him. At this point, I was pretty much done anyone and just skimming for more stuff that would annoy me, but it seemed very random to me. So if Rayna pretty or does she have some kind of history with him or is it just in there to show that she's desirable and give the vball player a reason to hate her and make you feel bad for poor little Rayna? Too random and weird and such for me.So, yeah, not the book for me, obviously. Didn't seem horrible in the first 10%, but not interesting to me.